Wig Subscription

$44.99 / month

  • Pretty Wigs is a leading supplier of high-quality synthetic wigs. No longer will you have to sacrifice quality to save money. We have selected the most luxurious wigs to fit your look and style without compromising your budget.


  • You will subscribe on the website and be billed monthly. Unlike most subscriptions, Pretty Wigs will allow the customer to select a few options. You’re able to select the length and color you desire so there’s never any surprises in terms of the look and style preferred.


  • Each wig in the Pretty Wig collection will have a video made accessible through the membership portal. This will give the customer an opportunity to learn all the tricks of the trade used by stylists that make the wig look more natural.


  • The wigs are synthetic so, therefore they have a shorter shelf life. The styling tips given on the site will enable you to style the wig at home. This allows for privacy for those customers that are experiencing any balding, hair loss or alopecia.


  • Wigs will ship the last week of each month and your “New Girl” will arrive at your doorstep! No driving around! No sticker shock!



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